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AF Wreck Wax (4 grams)

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AF Wreck Wax (4 grams)

Are you a lover of rich aroma? AF Wreck Wax (a hybrid cross of Afghani and Trainwreck) gives the best aroma ever. There is a pleasing sweet berry aroma, which increases when the wax is broken apart and leaves one drooling. AF Wreck is a strain perfect for those who prefer low-temperature dabs as the blueberry and haze origins of the strain combine to create a mouthwatering taste which could be mistaken for a sweet fruit.

Known for great variations and richness

With great variations and richness along with smoothest and creamiest appeal, it is an opaque, solid substance that is produced via a similar process as shatter (do not tell anybody – it is incredibly powerful and frosty). But in appearance, wax looks buttery, and it does not have the same translucent appearance as shatter. However, different wax consistencies (with immediate head-concentrated high) are created using varying oil textures and different moisture and heat levels.

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  • Ave Mary
    From: Kentucky | 2020-01-27 22:18:10

    great taste and flavour, it real helps my health thanks

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