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500PLUS HEMP WAX CRUMBLE (per 5 grams)

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500PLUS HEMP WAX CRUMBLE (per 5 grams)

Rich, beautiful and balanced, this is 500PLUS HEMP WAX CRUMBLE! People use it because it is a highly concentrated gram of Wax Crumble that has a minimum of 500mg of THC, per gram, along with the other cannabinoids present in the hemp plant.  But, with a THC level above 80%, you will not feel any high.  Meanwhile, you can still function normally while using this THC Wax. 

Rich amount of cannabinoids

Because of the super rich amount of cannabinoids in this strain, the natural terpene flavor is very noticeable.  Even just smelling it, you can smell the florals and the pines and the sweetness.  Most importantly, this is evident of the high level of THC and terpenes. Depending on how compact the crumble is, it may appear as more or less when compared with another jar.  If you get a compacted piece, feel free to break it up and it will appear larger for you.

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  • Zaza Flot
    From: New Jersey | 2020-01-27 22:18:27

    Nice grade, love the taste and your delivery aswell thanks

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