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THC is one of the most beneficial of all more than 110 known cannabinoids, the healing components of the cannabis plant. With the increasing awareness among patients about the healing powers of cannabis, the demand for cannabis oil with a high THC content (example THC Oils, Cannabis THC Oil, Bubble Gum Cannabis Oil, Super Lemon Haze Oil, Rick Simpson Oil RSO, the most famous advocate for cannabis oil) is also rising. In pharmacies it's almost impossible to get.

THC oil is oil with a high THC level. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and is obtained by heating up THCa (tetrahydrocannbinolic acid). This THCa is naturally present in the Cannabis Sativa plant. In popular talk this plant is also called Cannabis or Marijuana. THC is one of the most wholesome cannabinoids, these are active substances in the cannabis plant. By heating up THCa this substance is obtained.

THC oil is used in most cases for medical purposes. At high doses, THC oil has a strong psychoactive effect and also a recreational use. 

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